At Sabanera Dorado, you will find entertainment and relaxation while you enjoy nature. Our community offers you the opportunity to relax and restore your energy after a long day. You can spend a relaxing time in the Olympic-size pool or in the river pool. Enjoy a night of jazz in the plaza across from the Club House or a movie in the theater with your neighbors. Go jogging on the trails surrounding you or take a break and go fishing on our lake shores. Living in Sabanera is like living in a great park… your great amusement park.

Organizations and Activities
El Gran Parque


Sabanera Dorado is a great park offering you the environment and amenities to improve your physical and emotional well-being. Whether it’s by going to our Sabanera Health Center or by going kayaking, at Sabanera you will discover places where you can exercise your body and nourish your spirit. Tennis, soccer, basketball, jogging, Pilates and spinning are some of the activities you will enjoy in our community. Living in Sabanera is living an active and healthy life.

Sabanera Saludable Fitness Program
Sabanera Saludable Health Center


At Sabanera, we have designed a community that provides a stress-free habitat, where you can enjoy a relaxing and calm environment. The hustle and bustle of the city succumbs to nature’s soothing sounds.

You and your family will be protected by the latest and most sophisticated security systems. When you make Sabanera your home, you feel safe enough to take a walk by the lake, enjoy a picnic outdoors or gaze at the birds from the Mirador. The sound of moving bamboo and the squealing of troupials are part of everyday life here.


Sabanera Dorado has been planned with a vision of conservation and integration into the natural environment. A team of experts, including biologists, architects, environmentalists, engineers and landscapers took on the task of creating a concept whose main goal is to provide an environment where families can enjoy a better quality of life. This has been achieved by integrating the individual, development and the conservation of our natural and environmental resources.


We’re very proud of having developed a community that stands for and experiences family values and traditions, and provides an environment where families can spend quality time together and enjoy themselves on a daily basis. We firmly believe in the importance of strengthening family relationships as a basic element for a better quality of life and the pursuit of happiness. At Sabanera Dorado, we provide the space, the activities and the environment that fosters family unity and community coexistence.


We recognize the importance of pursuing and acquiring knowledge as a main component of happiness. In a world of advanced technology and global competition, our children, our future, must receive a world-class education from an institution that creates model citizens who go on to become prominent professionals and great future leaders.

The American School in Switzerland, TASIS, whose educational philosophy is internationally recognized for its excellence, joins our community by establishing TASIS Dorado. Its classic monastery-style architecture and first-rate campus bring together top international professionals with impressive backgrounds, complemented by the most advanced technology. Located at the campus center, the TASIS bell tower symbolizes a plea for the search of knowledge.

At Sabanera, education and the community are integrated together. Our children can walk or ride bike to school, and they spend time with their friends both in and out of the classroom. Creating a community where knowledge, along with other components, promotes our children’s development and the pursuit of their happiness has been a great achievement.


The pursuit of happiness is a subject that has been explored by many philosophers throughout the years. While there is no definite formula, many agree that the following components are essential in order to find happiness: health and beauty, tranquility, knowledge, family and nature. At Sabanera Dorado, we have paid special attention to each one of those components, creating a community that provides its residents with these essential elements.